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I am Floriana Maione and I am an Italian and English speaking psychologist with over 10 years of study and practice with international clients. I graduated from the University of Rome La Sapienza and following my Master’s Degree in Psychology I continued my studies with a specialized training in Systemic-Relational Psychotherapy and a training in Family Mediation. Currently I work in my practice in the city center of Amsterdam where I provide counseling and therapy for individuals, couples and families. In my clinical activity I mostly work with international clients dealing with: relationship and family matters, interpersonal communication, issues related to separation and divorce, depression, personal growth and development, anxiety and panic disorder, burn-out and work-related stress, sleep disorders, life transitions and change. Beyond the clinical activity, I have worked in several therapeutic communities in Italy, collaborated as a researcher with the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) and as a scientific coordinator for national and international psychotherapy congresses. I am a certified psychologist in Italy, being a member of the Italian Institute of Psychologists (Ordine degli psicologi del Lazio, nr° 20873). What else? I am a dog lover and if I had not become a psychologist, I would have loved to be an architect.

Therapy approach

Systemic relational therapy

Systemic-Relational Therapy focuses mainly on what happens within human relationships. A therapist with this approach focuses their attention on what happens between people: the focus is not only on the individual and their characteristics, but also and especially on their interactions, on the dynamics between people, on the communication process and on the way they perceive themselves and the reality around them. This approach is based on the “General Systems Theory” (L. von Bertalanffy, 1969, General Systems Theory), a well known theory broadly applied in several fields of knowledge (biology, engineering, psychology and psychiatry). The core concept of this theory is the one of “system”. Within a system any variation of an element influences and modifies the state of all the other elements within that system. From this perspective, every context can be considered as a system: a group of people interacting with each other connected by emotional bonds and relationships, for example a couple or a family. In spite of this relations the discomfort felt by a person is not seen as something “wrong” within the person but regarded as something that went wrong outside of them, in the relationships.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

In order for me to provide the best care, sometimes I integrate the Systemic-Relational Therapy with Cognitive Behavioral techniques. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a widely used evidence-based treatment for improving emotional and psychological well-being and has its emphasis on the role of thinking in how we feel and how we behave. These techniques aim to uncover thinking distortions in order to achieve a change in behaviors and emotional states. Some examples of thinking distortions:

  • Black and white thinking: this all-or-nothing thinking, causes a difficulty in focusing on the shades and nuances in between the two extremes, leading the person to perceive themselves and the world around them in a rigid way (either I am/do/have ALL or NOTHING); this thinking mistake doesn’t take into consideration the intricate complexity of our emotional, relational and social world. Examples: “Either I do my task perfectly or it will be a total waste of time”, “If I do not have success in my professional life, then my life will be a total failure”, “If I don’t get better soon, I will be depressed my whole life”;
  • Emotional reasoning: thinking that something is true only because we “strongly feel” (in reality we believe) that it is that way. Examples: “I feel that nothing will ever change”, “I feel that I won’t be able to do it all”, “I feel that I am worthless”. “Feeling something” doesn’t necessarily mean it is true;
  • Mind reading: believing we know what others feel and think, or thinking we know the reasons why people behave the way they do, without considering other possibilities. In particular this thinking distortion leads us to predict what someone thinks about us. Examples: “Even if he smiles at me, I know he doesn’t like me”, “I know she doesn’t think I can do it, even if she doesn’t tell me so”, “From the way my therapist looks at me, I know she thinks I am a desperate case”;
  • Over-generalization: arriving to general conclusions starting from a single element/incident, moving away from the concrete situation and often using adverbs like “always” or “never”. Examples: “My mood is always constant”, “They always mistreat me”, “I never get some good sleep”;
  • Filtering: focusing on a single negative detail and dwell only on that so that our vision of the reality becomes obscure, dark. Examples: “I feel better about the majority of the symptoms I was experiencing, but I still can’t sleep well, it’s all pointless”, “I am sad because I have a low grade in my evaluation (in which there are various high grades), so I did a terrible job”.

What to expect

Psychologist Amsterdam

Systemic-Relational Therapy is effective to solve individual,
couple and family problems and difficulties.
The person who starts a Relational Therapy will be immerse in a network of ideas, emotions and significant people of their life,
will become aware of how we “construct our reality” by choosing and focusing only on certain aspects of what we see in the world and how, what we see in the world, is determined by our personal story.
This therapy approach is based on a model that connects the inner world with the outside world of the individual,
with a specific focus on interpersonal communication and on the relationships that the person creates interacting with their environment and with others.
Having in mind the “complexity perspective” a relational therapist helps clients to take into consideration the different points of view involved in their world, showing clients a new way of connecting things and people, events and meanings and helping to stop seeing themselves and the reality around them in a rigid and inflexible way.

Practical information

  • Systemic-relational therapy usually is a short-mid term treatment. We can discuss this together during the first session, along with your specific goals, needs and desires of change;
  • Please have in mind that cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance (weekends excluded), failure in doing so will result in a charged missed session;


Individual Sessions

Duration: 50 minutes

Cost: 90 euros (all inclusive)

Couple and family sessions

Duration: 75 minutes

Cost: 120 euros (all inclusive)


M., Japan

"Floriana is a gifted therapist and she also happens to be the kindest and sweetest person you ever meet. She has keen eyes to identify what is triggering your emotional upsets and gives you guidance in creating positive solutions. CBT techniques I learned with her is one of the most useful tools to deal with everyday challenges and achieve my goals. Most of all, she helped me to be peace with myself, even if I am not someone whom I think I should be or could've been."

L., Germany

“I had just moved to Amsterdam and already lived here for six months when I realized that I was going in circles with my restlessness and sad thoughts related to a relationship that I felt still attached to and almost emotionally captured in. At first, I was a bit skeptical as I didn’t know Floriana and I was referred to her after I sent an email to a different psychologist. After my first meeting I just knew, based on my gut feeling, that we would get along well. My initial concern that we are close in age disappeared very quickly as she gave me the feeling of a safe zone immediately. I never felt judged by her, neither gave she advice that you would expect from friends or family, but rather small and most importantly realistic suggestions how to get out of that dark zone yourself. Her empathy, excellent memory and the fact that she really takes the time for you are her core assets, which made me consult her for almost half a year. She made you feel as if she was feeling your pain and emotions with you, which made it so much more bearable and made you feel accepted. I would always turn to her again, even if I just feel like I have a seemingly minor issue to clarify and process for myself.”

L., Germany

“Being a Psychologist myself, I know the importance of taking care of yourself, especially when difficult moments need to be faced. And I also know how difficult is to find the right professional that is empathic, competent, with a strong ability to make you feeling comfortable and rewarding for your improvements. Well, Floriana is that kind of professional. With her kindness and commitment, she guided me in reaching an emotional balance and helped in understand situations I was unable to explain, giving me practical tips on how to feel better in my relationship. Floriana remembers you your positive skills and improvements, when you are still getting lost on your personal negativities. What I mostly enjoyed is feeling that she was emotionally there, with me, either in the positive and in the suffering situation. You have the feeling that she really cares about you. Those skills are not learnt at school.”

M., Germany

“[…] I spent a lot of time researching psychologists that would fit me. I needed someone that spoke English well, had an international background, understands the challenges of living the expat life and was somewhat around my own age. And that’s what I found in Floriana. She’s calm, she’s friendly and most importantly, she is able to make you feel comfortable. The best that came out of these sessions was Floriana’s ability to point out my own progress when I ceased to see it. I like the way she changes up the sessions, it’s not just the talking and chatting but we also did some exercises that really opened my eyes and forced me to think about how I felt about the family issues. This really showed me my own perspective on the problem and that I need to take responsibility for the changes I want to see in my life.”

A., Italy

“I have contacted Dr. Maione in a moment in which I needed to rethink and reorganize some important aspects of my life. Dr. Maione has helped me in formulating clear questions and setting specific issues to address, in order to design a short but effective therapy. […] she gave me assignments to perform during the week and some key readings that we discussed during our sessions. […] the experience was worth the effort: the therapy was very rewarding to me, both in terms of personal and intellectual growth. If you are looking for an emotionally intense, mind-activating therapy that goes right to the point, you will not be disappointed by Dr. Maione’s method.”

A., Spain

“A friend of mine told me about Floriana and I decided to meet her. It was not myfirst time visiting a psycologist but it’s always tough to make such a step. I’m very happy of the guidance I received from her. She made me realize that the emotional tools needed to recover after a bullying situation at work, were already in me. We worked for a few months in connecting with my feelings, my emotional resources… Now I feel strong again, ready to position myself at work, feeling confident. Grazie Floriana!”

I., Italy

“When at first I met Floriana, I felt like I was trapped in a situation with no way out. She showed me a lot of possible ways that I was not able to see. She helped find the connection with my feelings and my wishes helping me to get rid of mental constraints. I never felt judged by her and this helped me to trust her and follow this journey. It gave me many things to think about and she made me understand the importance of taking time to listening my inner self, my sensations and intuitions. She also helped me to understand my strengths and how to balance my weaknesses. She is really professional and I learned a lot from her. I will come back to her if I would have any other issue or down moments.”

M. United States

“[…] Meeting Floriana the first time, I was struck by her empathy and her openness. You can immediately tell her inclination is not to judge but to help— which is something you’d hope from a therapist, and it’s an expectation Floriana lives up to. Her ability to listen and retain information is incredible, but even more so, her ability to weave in questions and exercises that shift your perspective and allow you to make room for growth makes her an exemplary therapist. I’ve changed how I approach conflicts and am better at measuring my emotions while recognizing and reflecting on my emotions. Floriana helped me set and reach my objective within six or seven months. She showed me the value of therapy without allowing me to rely on therapy. I highly recommend her services, especially to people who are on the fence or are unsure about therapy. It will help!”

I. Italy

“Following a job loss and an abusive relationship, I found myself being trapped in a circle of constant pain and frustration. I contacted Floriana, she heard my voice and instantly understood I needed support. I felt an instant connection, I knew I was going to be in good hands. I didn’t make a mistake, she’s been one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. She helped me in broadening my perspective, in understanding how I, myself, was functioning. She’s been patient, nor once I felt judged or rushed in the process of discovery. She’s truly empathic, she felt my pain and helped me in overcoming it. Her insights inspire motivation: she’s really there to help you growing. At times I felt like I was running a marathon, and she was the one cheering: “don’t give up, you can do it. With your time and resources, you can do it”. I feel grateful to have met her, I’m glad she’s the one I shared a beautiful journey with.”

N. G. Italy

"My partner and I were undergoing a difficult period in our life as a couple, characterized by constant tension. We were often arguing on small things, talking to each other in a judgemental way and showing a poor reciprocal understanding. Floriana has helped to uncover the root causes of our conflicts, guiding us towards the resolution of most of the issues. She has provided us with the tools to deal with conflicts in a constructive manner, acknowledge and accept our differences. Floriana has shown a professional and respectful attitude, being able to make us feel comfortable with exposing ourselves. We would definitely recommend her counseling."

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